StatStrip Multi-Well-TM Technology Delivers Lab-Like Analytical Performance

The Nova StatStrip Glucose Monitoring System features a patented MuItiWeIl (TM) measuring technology that meets the escalating demands of today’s hospital glucose testing. StatStrip technology elevates bedside glucose monitoring to a level of accuracy, precision, and patient safety that approaches the quality of central laboratory testing.
Measures and Eliminates Hematocrit Interferences

StatStrip is the only bedside glucose meter to measure and eliminate glucose errors due to varying hematocrit levels. One of StatStrip`s four measuring wells measures hematocrit.

Hematocrit interferences can cause errors as large as 40%.
  • Can cause undetected hypoglycemia
  • Can cause insulin overdose
Severe hematocrit abnormalities are very common in ICUs.
  • Up to 77% of ICU patients have low hematocrit levels1-2
  • Nearly half of ICU patients require red cell transfusions due to low hematocrit. Average hematocrit of these patients pre-transfusion is 22-25%.2-3
Only Bedside Meter to Eliminate Errors Caused by Hematocrit, Maltose, Galactose, Oxygen, and Elecrtochemical Interferences

1von Ahsen N, et al. Crit Care Med. 1999 27:2630-2639
2Vincent, JL et al. Anemia and Blood Transfusion in Critically ill Patients. JAMA 2002 Sept: 288(12):1499-507
3Vincent, JL et al, The CRIT Study: Anemia and blood transfusion in the critically ill - Current clinical practice in the United States.Crit Care Med. 2004 32:39-49

Eliminates Calibration Codes

StatStrip’s patented Multi-Well technology provides such strict consistency that calibration codes are not necessary.
  • Errors due to coding are eliminated
  • Testing steps are reduced
  • Strip lots can be used interchangeably.
RupidfillTM Prevents Dosing Errors

The StatStrip design incorporates a feature to prevent glucose errors due to over-filling or under-filling of the sensor. Rapidfill electrochemically monitors the blood volume in each of the four measurement wells. Results are reported only if all four measurement wells are filled with blood.
The StatStripTM XpressTM

The StatStrip Xpress meter is an option for hospitals or clinics which do not need data interface/connectivity capability.
  • Uses same Multi-Well test strip
  • Provides same laboratory quality analytical performance
  • Xpress meter is simple, fast, and easy to use
Fast, 6 Second Analysis Time
Small, l.2 Microliter Sample Size
Simple, Color Touch Screen Operation

Laboratory Quality Accurancy from 0.5-33.3 mmol/L (10 to 600 mg/dL)

The StatStrip System is the POCT glucose meter of choice for healthcare professionals who want quality standards in glucose testing that are close to those guaranteed in the Central Laboratories.

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