Securlancets Flex 3

 Available in Italy


The safety lancets Securlancets Flex 3 are sterile, single-use, non toxic and non pyirogenic. They have a safety system with a preloaded, internal, protected and retractable tip, with the possibility of varying the depth of penetration of the lancet.

The tip of the needle is made of stainless steel, has a triple sharpening to make the puncture easier and reduce the sensation of pain.

They are used to perform finger pricks in order to collect micro capillary blood samples.

They have an ergonomic and safe handle and an automatic contact needle activation, when the device is placed and pressed on the chosen site.

They are equipped with a safety mechanism since after activation the needle immediately returns and cannot be reused.
The needle is never visible either before or after use, thus excluding the possibility of accidental needle sticks. This feature makes the use of Seculancets Flex 3 also suitable for agophobic patients.

The 28 gauge needle provides three different penetration depths from a single unit:

- 1,3 mm
- 1,8 mm
- 2,3 mm

The length of the needle depth is chosen based on the characteristics of the patient (for example skin with calluses) to ensure that the necessary blood sample can always be obtained at the first sampling.

- 2,3 mm: Maximum depth for thick skin
- 1,8 mm: Average depth for normal skin
- 1,3 mm: Minimum depth for delicate skin
Box of 100 lancets
Doesn’t contain natural rubber latex 
Doesn’t contain PVC 
Doesn’t contain phthalates

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