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Our high chemical performance reagents are dedicated components for your F-serie instrument. They come to your lab in kits ready to use, with a full set of features designed for minimizing operator's handling.
Barcoded vials allow for ATR (Automated Test Recognition) and provide all information needed for reducing potential errors.










The Reagent Tray capable to hold up to 60 bottles with different size: 20 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml is refrigerated so to allow the operator to leave up to 60 reagents on board. All the reagent bottles are barcoded and the sw can manage several information as Lot, Expiration Date, Volume and residual number of tests can be executed.





The Measuring system provide an excellent measurement of the absorbance using the mono or bichromatism method by an halogen tungsten lamp and 12 different wavelenghts selected by diffraction grating (340 nm, 380 nm, 415 nm, 450 nm, 510 nm, 546 nm, 570 nm, 600 nm, 660 nm, 700 nm, 750 nm, 800 nm).





90 re-usable optical glass (Pyrex) cuvettes allow an accurated reading of the chemical reaction. The cuvettes, perfectly cleaned and dried by a dedicated wash station, and monitorised one by one for its performance, are thermostated at 37C°. The very small volume of the reaction (min 150 µL) is efficiently mixed by 2 variable speed stirrers. The system allows to have a maximum throughput of 560 tests/hour.





The sample tray can hold up to 72 positions for several kind of tubes with different diameters (min 11 mm - max 16 mm). The possible barcode reading allow a perfect bidirectional interface with the host computer managing all the patient informations. An additional internal 20 positions refrigerated carousel can hold all the Controls and the Calibrators.





The Electrolytes determination is performed by 3 Ions Selective Electrodes built-in the analyser to test the Sodium, Chloride and Potassium.


Technical Specifications

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All the ease of use you need in a bundled software that runs on your Win XP based laptop. Control is guaranteed by intuitive, user-friendly interface. Test results backup plus data storage capability allow you to simply plug and run your F560 analyser and have your patient management easily done.























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