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JACKarc: automated analyzer for immunochemical fecal occult blood testing


Full automation:
improves lab workflow and reduces operator minimum time for screening routine.

User-friendly SW and LCD touchscreen:
enables simple and fast analysis set-up, monitoring and report management.

New rack system:
increases throughput speed.

Quantitative measurement:
guarantees high reliability of the results.

Measurement range 7-400 ng/ml:
improves repeatability at lower end.

Adjustable Cut-Off:
allows flexibility for screening program.

7 point Master Curve/2 point Calibration:
guarantees precision and accuracy of the results.

Quantitative controls:
allows traceability and validation of the results.

Extel "HemoAuto HS"

High sensitivity latex:
improves repeatability at cut-off value.

Optimal concentration:
maximises the integrating sphere nephelometer.

This dedicated reagent features high sensitivity latex for integrating sphere turbidimetric assay applied to faecal occult blood analysis. Its new formula improves repeatability both at cut off value and lower end, enabling to achieve superior stability and quick quantification.

IST (scattered light/trasmitted light)

IST: Integrated Sphere Turbidimetry

(1) Principle
(2) Trasmitted light
(3) Antigen
(4) Scattered light
(5) Light source
(6) Scattered light
(7) Trasmitted light


HemoAutoMC collection picker

    • 2 steps rotating scrubbing method: improves sampling accuracy.
    • Hexagonal hole: guarantees stability and solubility of the sample on board.
    • Sight glass: allows checking the correct collection of the sample.
    • Multifunctional integrated seal: allows better sample management and prevents leaking.
    • Over-sticker: prevents contamination of the piercing portion.
    • Internal and External Barcode: ensures traceability of samples and accuracy in QC procedure.

While the simple and ingenious design of this new collection picker enables an efficient and accurate sampling procedure, its newly developed isolation vessel guarantees perfect preservation from contamination. Its exclusive features are fine-tuned to work in unison with reagent and analyser to further enhance the outstanding operability and accuracy of the system.


  1. Confirmable to break a sticker. Sticker to open.
  2. Hexagonal hole assures to retain the feces.
  3. Screw-in picking stick will reduce the buffer sperad on removal of feces picking stick.
  4. Sight glass of collecting sample.
  5. After collection of the sample.
  6. Before collection of the sample.
  7. Portion of piercing.
  8. Excessive feces to be retained a sight glass of collection sample.
  9. Prevent contamination with overlabeled (Keep sealed in unused state).
  10. Upgrading of molding technology brought implementation of thin-layer to pierce.

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