Tako Dojo, a serious game for young diabetics

Tako Dojo, a serious game for young diabetics

TAKO DOJO is an educational application designed to help young diabetic patients manage their disease, motivating them to take care of themselves in order to be able to live their chronic condition more positively.

TAKO DOJO is set in a fantasy world inspired by Japanese tradition. It consists of stimulating games inhabited by small coloured octopuses (TAKO in Japanese) with 5 tentacles symbolising the five fingers of the hand, which in people with diabetes are normally used to the measure their blood sugar levels.

The Tako train inside the DOJO, i.e. the gym, is where they learn how to manage and balance their G Energy (glycaemia/glucose) values which indicate their level of well-being.

By connecting the Menarini Diagnostics blood glucose meter to the application, you can enter into this fantastic world. In addition, by choosing your own Tako (an avatar in the shape of an octopus), you will be able to access all the games and scientific contents of the App. The blood glucose meter will then independently record your blood glucose readings in an internal diary. Thanks to this system, young patients will not only have the opportunity to have their values just a "click away", but they will also accumulate game points to climb the rankings. Upon reaching a certain score, the app will then unlock a sixth game: an adventure in the world of Tako in search of a hidden treasure.

In TAKO DOJO there are 4 environments, which offer different features:

- the DOJO, or gym, which allows you access to five mini-games and an adventure game;

- The LIBRARY, where you can access five informative pills, short animated videos that provide information in a playful way about diabetes and the therapy normally used to manage diabetes. Each pill ends with a self-assessment test of your knowledge. Below is the info on the pills contained in the app.

1. What diabetes is

For understanding how insulin works and what type 1 and type 2 diabetes are.

2. Blood glucose control and diabetes alarm bells

For understanding what blood glucose is, how and when it is measured, and what the alarm bells of hypo- and hyperglycaemia are.

3. Insulin therapy

For informing the patient about diabetes therapy and how and when to use insulin.

4. Nutrition and physical exercise

For understanding the main rules about proper nutrition and the importance of physical exercise in diabetic therapy.

5. Diabetic ketoacidosis

For understanding what diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is, when it manifests, and how it can be monitored.

* The HOUSE, where the blood glucose diary is available and updated automatically thanks to synchronising with the A. Menarini Diagnostics glucose meters.

* The SQUARE, where the players’ rankings can be accessed.

TAKO DOJO is designed primarily for people with diabetes (especially young people), however, it is also useful for doctors and family members who can therefore monitor the user's blood glucose levels thanks to the app. Visit the website, created especially to provide you with further information together with the Facebook page where it is possible to exchange opinions, suggestions and information. All the contents are available in Italian, English and Dutch.

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