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Menarini Diagnostics - Zenit Amidot

ZENIT•AMiDot Fluorometer Automatically scans the slide for each patient sample

  • Automatic scan of the bar code of the slide
  • Analyses each array dot using an algorithm that uses the built in quality controls and calibrators in each well
  • Produces a report for each patient/well
  • Takes less than 40 seconds per 8 well slide

Quality Control of ZENIT•AMiDot system

The internal controls built into the ZENIT•AMiDot array ensure that each patient sample has been diluted correctly and that the test procedure has been followed.

ZENIT•AMiDot Fluorometer will interpret the microdot array and produce a report listing concentration and positive, borderline or negative status for each antigen if the calibration and controls meet required specifications.

If the internal controls do not meet specifications a report listing the control failure is generated and no patient results are displayed.

ZENIT•AMiDot system, an aid to diagnosis

  • For Ag typing after IF screening
  • For Ag typing after ELISA or CLIA screening
  • To complete ELISA and IFA
  • To complete CLIA and IFA

ZENIT•AMiDot system at a glance

  • 20 quantitative results per patient
  • Up to 38 different antibodies or antigens measured in duplicate per patient
  • Integral controls in each well
  • Calibration in each well
  • Fully automatable using existing IFA instrumentation
  • Read time less than 40 seconds per slide
  • Printout by patient or by slide

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