Working with Us

People are the most important factor in our group’s development. This is why you can be fundamental in constructing Menarini’s success together with us. Working with us gives you the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in a group that focuses on innovation and internationalization.

In order to accomplish our mission we are continuously searching for new talent: high energy people able to work in a team with spirit of initiative, goal-oriented working skills, flexibility and enthusiasm.

The utmost care is taken in hiring each and every employee. An educational background with the highest marks is preferable while fluency in the English language is considered essential.

The preferential recruiting channels are through the voluntary submission of applications, and university, master program and specialization school contacts. In some cases, for instance when a particular candidate profile is required, we place ads or use the services of recruiting firms.

Under the section “Available Positions” you can find the positions that are currently open. If your professional profile does not correspond to any of them, you can apply under “Voluntary Applications” by electronically submitting the requested information, thus allowing us to better manage your data.

There are several areas where you can submit your data: scientific information, marketing, finance, manufacturing, and the legal area. The preferred university degrees are: pharmaceutical sciences, biology, medicine, chemistry, statistics and economy, engineering, IT, law.

The recruitment and selection process is done by our Human Resource Department. It accurately screens the resumes and carefully evaluates the compatibility of the candidate with the open position by holding a series of individual interviews.

In the dynamic and competitive context of the Menarini world, new personnel rapidly adapts to the environment, also thanks to an efficient theoretical/practical training period. Your success at Menarini depends only on you!

Click here to see all the Available Positions (available only in italian).

Our values

4 values, which have given life to Menarini and shaped its history