Available in Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Nord countries

StatStripTM Glucose Strips

Tests Measured: Blood Glucose,
Hematocrit Corrected
Test Reported: Glucose
Test Time: 6 seconds
Test Strip Volume: 1.2 µl.
Test Methodology: Electrochemistry
Sample Types & Operating Modes
Whole Blood: Arterial, Venous, Capillary, Neonatal
Glucose Measurement Range
0.5-33.43 mmol/L (I0-600 mg/dL)
Interlerences Eliminated
Hlematocrit, Ascorbic Acid, Uric Acid, Paracetamol (Acetaminophen), Bilirubin, Maltose, Galactose, Xylose, Oxygen
Operating Ranges
Temperature: 15°C- 40°C (59°F-l04°F) Altitude: Up to 4,570 meters (15,000 feet) Humidity: 10% to 90% relative humidity Hematocrit: 20%-65%
Reagents and Strips
Strips: Cases of 36 Boxes.. 50 strips/box QC: Three levels (Low, Normal, High); sold separately Linezirity: Five levels available
Test Strip & QC Stability
24 months from date of manufacture 3 months open-vial stability
Certifications & Compliance
Compliance with FDA Quality System Regulation (QSR), ISO l3485:2003, CSA, TUV, Self-Declared Complies to IVDD, IEC 61010-2-101:2002, EN 55011:1998, EN 61000-6-1 and EN 61326 Annex A
FDA Labeling
For in-vitro diagnostic use.

StatStripTM Connectivity meter

Weight: 360 g (0.8 lbs)
Size: 153 mm x 82.5 mm x 46 mm
(6.0 in x 3.25 in x 1.8 in)
Data Storage
Patient Tests: 1,000 tests
QC Tests: 200 tests
Users: 4,000 users
Meter Data Output: RJ-45 Ethernet Port
Protocol: TCP/IP Ethernet 10 Mbit
Standard: POCTI -A Compliant
Setup Program: NovaNet(TM) Web-Based
Instrument Manager Software
Battery Information
Type: 3.7V Li Polymer Rechargeable Battery
Features: Rechargeable/Replaceable
Life: 8 hours in use (approximately 40 tests
w/barcode scans) / 12-24 hours standby
Docking Station
Optional accessory; desk or wall-mount charging station with RJ—45 Ethernetjack. 3 LED indicator lights showing connection status, transmit/receive data, and charging status. Extra battery slot included for recharging and storage of spare battery.
Additional Features
Color, touch screen
  • Built-in barcode scanner
  • Traditional QC with target values assigned to QC materials
  • Numeric or pass/fail QC
  • QC prompting or QC lock out
  • Abnormal and critical ranges flagged by color highlighting
  • Canned or free text user comments
  • Rejecting of results at meter (optional) for repeat testing
  • Flagging of Tight Glycemic Control results
  • Accepting patient ID or accession number
  • Use of operator password (lock out) • Entry of ICD-9) Diagnosis codes • Ordering physicians ID
  • Slope and intercept adjustment • Web-based meter contiguration by location
  • Custom meter configuration by medical unit
  • Connect to hospital ADT
  • Connect to all LIS/EMR
  • POCT1-A data output
  • Optional carrying case
  • Units of measure mmol/L or mg/dL.

StatStripTM Xpress meter

Available either in mg/dL or in mmol/L
Weight: 75 g (0.2 lbs)
Size: 91 mmx58mmx23 mm
(3.6 in x 2.3 in x 0.9 in)
Data Storage
Patient & QC Tests: 400 tests total (FIFO)
Data Transfer: Strip Port Connection to USB
Data Program: Nova Microsoft® Excel® based data transfer sottware
Battery Information:
Type: 3V Li Button Battery
Features: Replaceable
Life: Minimum 600 tests
Additional Features
  • LCD black/white display
  • Large numeric display (30 mm)
  • Traditional QC with target values assigned to QC materials
  • Units of measure based on meter ordered (mg/dL or mmol/L models)
  • Auto-shut off of meter when not in use
  • Automatic sample detection and analysis start
  • Automatic sample counter with date/time stamp for data tracking
  • Optional carrying case

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