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With the continuous evolution of the NHS, lab exams must be carried out in ever-changing and varying contexts. 
A.Menarini Diagnostics offers a compact instrument which is ideal for these new applications outside the hospital environment with Point of Care systems that guarantee result quality.

Special Projects
Menarini’s project staff can offer all types of innovative solutions requested by our clients. Answers have been found for disadvantaged areas, for the islands and in a mobile context in terms of products and service which satisfy the demands of the patient and client as well.

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NHS Territorial Reorganization
With the territorial reorganization of healthcare, the general practitioner is faced with new challenges concerning diagnostics. 
Patients have new forms of assistance and of treatment directly with their general practitioner. These physicians are no longer single entities but part of a systems involving other physicians like group medicine or the internet. 
Healthcare is passed to the territorial organization for economical advantages and a more simple and effective service for the patient.
Our diagnostic solutions have evolved with this changing situation while maintaining and guaranteeing the highest POCT quality. Data networks through cloud technology are the base of a totally connected system that provides integration between physician, patient, lab and hospital which is essential for the improvement of service and the realization of savings.

A.Menarini, always attentive to Point of Care Diagnostics, can offer technological solutions that guarantee the highest quality of results and satisfy the current needs of the sector.

Blood Glucose Measurement in the Hospital 
One of the main applications in Point of Care Diagnostics is the measuring of blood glucose at the patient’s bed. Technology has provided hand-held glucometers that guarantee the quality standards of more complex systems. The hand-held instrument acquires the information of the operator and the code/name of the patient, receives messages and performs quality procedures. 
A software program guides the system to guarantee complete long distance control and the management of all systems located throughout the various wards. 
Safety and quality are the two fundamental aspects of the hand-held glucometer system. 
A.Menarini Diagnostics’s StatStrip system uses NetCare 2.0 software.


Cell Counter 3 part diff

Net Care 2.0


VitaPCRTM platform


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