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Glucoject Pen Needles

Glucoject Pen Needles, the new pen needles for insulin delivery!

Glucoject Pen Needles are single-use needles used in conjunction with injection pens to deliver insulin into the body.

Main features and benefits

Unique lubrication technique

  • To ensure smooth injection
  • To increase safety
  • To ensure less pain

Specially designed thread

  • For easy pen needle application
  • To fit different insulin pens

Super thin wall

  • To provide comfortable injection
  • To ensure optimal and precise insulin flow

Glucoject Pen Needles family

A.Menarini Diagnostics offers a variety of insulin pen needles which differ in length and gauge to adapt to all body types.

Glucoject Pen Needles

Glucoject Pen Needles components

A pen needle consists of a hollow needle which is embedded in a plastic hub. It is designed to be attached to an injection pen.

How to use Glucoject Pen Needles

  1. Remove the seal from the pen needle.
  2. Push the pen needle straight onto the pen and twist until it is tight. Then pull off the outer protective cap and set it aside. You will need it later to remove the pen needle from the pen. Pull off the inner protective cap.
  3. Set your insulin dose.
  4. Check the flow by performing an air shot. A drop of liquid should appear at the needle tip.
  5. Make the injection.
  6. Replace the outer protective cap and remove the pen needle from the pen.

Available in Austria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and UK

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